Croatia wine tasting

Wine Tasting in Croatia’s Istria Peninsula

Ah, Wine…..   Almost every place around the Mediterranean has been making wine for eons.  We should remember this.  European wine tends to bring to mind places like France, Italy, Spain, Germany, but of course places like Bulgaria, Slovenia, Turkey, and Tunisia have been at it as well.  Croatia, particularly the Istria peninsula, is a…


Why Prague is not the next Prague

Travel writers have a game they play, going on about which destination is “the next Prague”. Rick Steves thinks it’s Krakow, or Ljubljana, or Budapest. Or perhaps even Dubrovnik, a city that’s been discovered already.   A quick web search reveals others think it’s Phnom Phen Kiev, or Buenos Aires. One random blog that I won’t…

Famous cafes

Visiting The Famous Cafes Where The Dead Intellectuals, Artists, And Writers Hung Out

These types of cafés and watering holes get into the guidebooks and blog posts and visitors flock there, for reasons that we shall explore. So very often, I’ve seen a place described as hangout for intellectuals, the literati, or perhaps the counterculture, usually based on the famous people who used to hang out there. I always wonder why people go there now.