Iceland glacier walk

Hiking on an Iceland glacier

I was walking on water. We all were, following our guide. We put our trust in her, that she would keep us safe and that no one would disappear downwards into the blue depths, though she was carrying twenty meters of rope in case we did. I didn’t expect the water to be so blue and so beautiful, though it wasn’t that way everywhere. At one point, our striking blonde guide caught me looking around with a smile.
“Like it?” she asked me knowingly.
I couldn’t stop smiling. “This is really cool.”

Famous cafes

Visiting The Famous Cafes Where The Dead Intellectuals, Artists, And Writers Hung Out

These types of cafés and watering holes get into the guidebooks and blog posts and visitors flock there, for reasons that we shall explore. So very often, I’ve seen a place described as hangout for intellectuals, the literati, or perhaps the counterculture, usually based on the famous people who used to hang out there. I always wonder why people go there now.

back alleys of venetian cities

The back alleys of Venetian towns (that are not Venice) — A photo essay

Photo essay of Piran, Slovenia and Rovinj, Croatia. Venice isn’t the only city the Venetians built. Along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Venice spread its influence for 500 years, leaving many towns in the area marked with the lion of St. Mark. These towns often look like a mini-Venice, with narrow alleys, red roofs, and bell towers. They’re on the sea and they are part of the sea, inseparable.